The bell Ahmed Zaher is threatened with death!


Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaher said that he is threatened with death, after he received dozens of messages that include insults and insults from some of his followers due to his playing the evil (Fathi) character in the series (Prince).

It was reported that some threatened him with beating and his phone did not calm down since the beginning of the work.

Ahmed played his role and persuaded us and made us hate and curse him, so we are not surprised by these reactions, but the audience must differentiate between his true personality and the personality he plays with mastery.

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The Egyptian actor is actually a discreet, calm man who does not like fights, just the opposite of the role he takes.

Mohamed Ramadan, Rogina, Nour Lebanese, Salwa Othman share the championship (Prince), which reaps huge viewership in Egypt and all the Arab East.


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