The Austrian league leaders break the rules to prevent corona virus


The Austrian Football Premier League announced on Thursday to complain against a club Lasik, The current leader of the competition ranking, due to his violation of health safety regulations established due to Corona virus emerging (Covid-19) While training.

And the league championship will resume on the second of next June without an audience, and the teams will be able to perform the training, but with a few groups of players with a safe distance of two meters between the player and the other, and not all the team players will be at the same time under any circumstance.

In a statement, Bundesliga Austria indicated that it had received pictures from a video clip showing all Lask players training simultaneously without taking into account the safety rules imposed.

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Only from Friday, the whole team will be able to train and be physically fit.

After this complaint was revealed, the first-class clubs issued a joint statement condemning Lask’s non-sports behavior.


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