The August 20 date raises Saudi club worries … and calls to cancel the league


          Officials express fear of "fatigue" and "financial losses"            </p><div>

          <p>The Saudi Professional Football League is holding a crucial meeting today with club representatives and in the presence of the Federation President Yasser Al-Mishal in order to discuss the calendar of what remains of this season and the next season after having initially set on August 20 a tentative date to resume the league and complete the remaining eight rounds.

With the clubs needing to prepare for a period of no less than «35» days to complete the rest of the rounds, the weightings are the start of the new season in early October (where there will not be a long time lag exceeding two weeks as a maximum by which clubs can be given the opportunity to correct their positions in terms of contracts and termination The contracts, especially the rising clubs of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, first division, as well as the descending of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League, are in the event of an actual appeal.

A number of club officials believe that it is difficult to say with certainty the start of the league on this day in light of the conditions to combat the infection of the outbreak of Cornna virus, as it requires that the competent health authorities represented in the Ministry of Health agree on the appeal plan according to the current conditions as is the case in all countries of the world that fight this Infection.

The meeting will not only discuss the proposed date for the league’s resumption, but there will also be a way for the future of the association and its next president, who will replace the person in charge of Abdul Aziz Al-Hamidi, who is in charge of the post, after the resignation of former President Musli Al Muammar several months ago.

The name of the candidate Abdul Aziz Al-Afaliq, a member of the Saudi Federation and the former president of Al-Fateh Club, is highlighted in order to assume this position, while the Chairman of the Professional Committee entered Mu’id Al-Shehri as a competitor and began to actively mobilize votes to win this position.

It is expected that the name of the new president of the association will be largely resolved through this meeting.

Discussions on financial matters regarding club incomes and expenses expected will take a large part. It is important that the solution be consensual and based on an important issue, which is that clubs are not exposed to financial losses for clubs and do not affect the calendar of upcoming seasons, said Fahd Al-Mudalaj, president of Al-Faisaly club.

He pointed out that such meetings usually witness variations according to opinions after the agenda is presented for discussion.

Al-Mudalaj explained that there is crowding in the benefits for teams and clubs, and therefore it is important to take into consideration reaching solutions that do not overburden clubs and teams in the very important benefits that await them. He hoped that the discussion would also be saturated in the aspect of proposals to cancel the league or its continuation, so that all opinions and studies of the pros and cons are presented, so that the opinion of the majority in this matter is taken into consideration.

For his part, Saleh Al-Marshoud, Vice-President of Al-Raed Club, said that setting an initial date means continuing ambiguity, given that it cannot be definitively confirmed that this specific date will witness the appeal.

He pointed out that setting a “loose” date means that there are other circumstances outside the will that cannot be predicted, indicating that setting the initial date “far” is in order to know all the accompanying conditions coming in terms of improving the general health situation on which it depends.

He explained that the time is important to be appropriate and sufficient to establish camps and preparations in the appropriate form for the clubs to make up for the period in which they were stopped, as it requires that matters be appropriate for flight schedules, visas and others. He stressed that it is important that the completion of this season’s league does not affect the calendar of the next season, although it is difficult to achieve this in the event of an appeal.

He emphasized that on the personal level, he sees canceling the league as the most appropriate, while the position of Al-Raed Club represents neutrality in this aspect, as it will be accepted that the league be canceled or resumed according to the public interest that the meeting sees and in what is in the interest of the country and the Saudi football whose teams and teams are waiting for important benefits.

At the conclusion of his speech, he was surprised that one of the conditions of appeal laid down by the International Federation was the lack of friction and hugging between players in the event of joy, considering that this behavior and feeling is the sweetness of football and it is difficult to refrain from it.

For his part, the president of the justice club, Abdel Aziz Al-Mudhahi, said that it is very difficult to have the ability to implement any proposal based on that the league resumes at the appointed time, as there is a tight time, due to the need for players and technical and administrative devices to enter the quarantine upon their return. From their country.

He added: «There are also players or coaches who have not yet been able to travel to their countries due to the inability to provide flights by the embassies of their countries, as embassies have done so and others have not yet, even though the Kingdom provided the possibility of that in the recent period, as it requires Also, those who depart later to submit to quarantine in their countries, which means that it is difficult to adopt a specific date for appeal.

He stressed that canceling the league represents the best solution because time is narrowing more and more, and there are important benefits for national teams in the first and Olympic levels, as well as teams, and any delay will affect the calendar for next season as well.

He stressed that there are also expected financial losses for the clubs due to the delay in the resumption of the league with the presence of force majeure that makes the cancellation the best solution. He expressed his confidence that the meeting scheduled today will be fruitful and clear in terms of discussions and work in order to positively deal with the future and avoid ambiguity in all matters of interest to the professional league clubs in light of these exceptional circumstances the world is going through.

With talks circulating about the desire of the candidate, Engineer Abdel Aziz Al-Afaliq, to ​​withdraw from the race to run for the presidency of the Association as a result of his practical circumstances, Al-Afaliq denied this to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat and stressed that he is unchanging his position by running for this position, wishing success to all.

Coaches and specialists in the fitness side agreed that the “home” training programs during the period of suspension of sporting activities and competitions currently will not be sufficient to reach the technical readiness required for the matches, stressing the need for sports federations in the event that the resumption of competitions is decided to give the clubs an adequate preparation period separating them from a first start Official matches in competitions, whether local, Arab, regional or global.

Many governments in the Gulf and Arab countries have moved to suspend sporting activities and competitions locally and regionally, as part of a series of measures they have taken to confront the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) and limit its spread, as well as stopping all sporting competitions around the world.

Technical coaches, players and critics praised the preventive measures taken by the Kingdom to deal with the consequences of the epidemic and limit its spread, and the precautions it included for the safety and health of the citizen and the resident because it is a priority in government work, stressing that everyone should abide by the precautionary instructions for the emerging Corona virus. No one is immune to the epidemic, stressing the importance of societal awareness in the federation and cooperation and following the instructions from the competent authorities to confront the global pandemic that penetrated more than 170 countries around the world.

According to Abdul-Latif Al-Husseini, the Saudi coach, who specializes in fitness and physical preparation, the programs approved by the coaches assisting the technical staff of the team for players in tight spaces maintain one part of the player’s technical form, which is fitness only.

Al-Husseini explained that the technical form of the player for matches is divided into three sections that include fitness, skill and tactical plans, noting that its distribution is carried out on 30 percent for both fitness and skill, while 40 percent goes to the tactical side to complete this, the player’s technical readiness to go into matches, indicating that exercises and programs Given to players for performing at home it will only maintain the first fitness part while the other two parts will be completely missing and the player will miss the technical form of the matches.

Al-Husseini cited a player who participates in the team’s daily training on a daily basis with his colleagues in the club and when he is used in the match, his participation is not at the required level because there is an imperfect element of the player represented in the tactical and tactical side, saying: “The player trains for fitness and skill, but he did not play for a short period, which is what Some call it match fitness. ”

He added: “The player now trains on the physical level to maintain fitness and from the technical aspects he performs very simple tactics. Let’s move running with the ball and the control, but where is the aim, headbands, dribbling, attacking and defending where he cannot train alone, for that player when he comes back becomes deficient in the form.”

Al-Husseini said: “Suppose that there was no epidemic that was classified as a global pandemic and that many precautions and preventive measures were taken to confront the virus. Isn’t at the end of each season, the player is granted a month and a half leave and then the clubs return to prepare next season by setting an integrated preparatory program for players in preparation for the start of competitions that extends for a month Half and interspersed with friendly confrontations, which he will play before his first official match, which will be required by the current stage, after the demise of the cloud, God willing, and the resumption of sports competitions again.

Al-Husseini pointed out the need for professional clubs as well as participation in the first and second-level patrols to a period of preparation for their players extending at least 4 weeks to 6 weeks before playing any official match, in order to prepare the players in the optimal way for matches and the competition unit that you will witness when starting, noting that players in professional clubs Or foreigners can greatly maintain the fitness aspects of them as well as little skill due to the presence of large areas in their homes or private breaks, and this is different from what the first and second-class players and Sunni groups suffer from the lack of this for them. Noting that even if there is a province by the players on the fitness side, the technical form of the player to perform the matches will be incomplete.


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