The American drug giant Pfizer has developed a Corona vaccine – thought and art – east and west


The US drug giant Pfizer has begun testing its new SKV vaccine on American participants, it announced on Tuesday.

Pfizer is working with German biotechnology company Biontech to deliver their potential vaccine, called BNT162, within months.

Clinical trials of volunteers had already started in Germany last week, while trials in the United States on Americans began Tuesday, according to Al Hurra.

According to Albert Burla, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, in a statement, the first participants in the first phase are healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 55, before moving to older groups.

The company indicated that it hopes to test the vaccine for up to 360 people.

“The short timeframe, which is less than four months, and the transition from preclinical studies to human tests, is exceptional,” Burla added.

If the tests prove successful, Pfizer may begin distributing the vaccine on an emergency basis in the fall, and may obtain permission for a wider distribution at the end of the year.

The American company has invested $ 500 million in research related to the drug or drug against the new disease, along with another $ 150 million to equip its manufacturing capabilities so that it can quickly produce large quantities of antivirals, including the vaccine, if it can pass the tests.

And researchers at Oxford University revealed on Monday that their candidate vaccine against Corona might be available for emergency use next September, if it succeeds in passing a crowd of studies, while Biotec Moderna said it is preparing to introduce a vaccine developed by the second stage of human testing.

Johnson End Johnson announced earlier this month that it had written off months of the usual schedule to develop a vaccine, expected to launch clinical trials on a candidate against corona in September, with a possibility for emergency use at the start of 2021.



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