The American coach of Austrian Salzburg is looking for “optimism and excitement” for the return of the competitions


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After he became the first American to coach a participating team in the UEFA Champions League, and after playing a key role in the emergence of the Norwegian striker Erling Brawn Halland, Jesse Marsh was in an exceptional season before entering the emerging Corona virus on the line and causing the suspension of the Austrian League and other European championships The other.

With Red Bull Salzburg entering the stage of physical preparation with the appointment of the second of June to resume the season, Marsh revealed in a telephone interview with Agence France-Presse about the challenges of return, which began with exercises in small groups, to begin group exercises starting Friday.

“We all had today (Wednesday) to have tests again to make sure no one is infected with the virus. This is the second time that we have tested. We still have to keep the social spacing in the dressing rooms, and we will wear masks in the building,” the 46-year-old said Wednesday. Even on the bench, we will have to keep one meter between the players and the coaching staff. ”

And unlike Germany, which resumes its football activities this weekend to make the “Bundesliga” the first major championship returns to the stadiums, the teams in Austria were not forced to enter closed stone camps.

In fact, if Germany is considered one of the countries that dealt well with the “Covid-19” pandemic, which enabled it to resume the domestic football league, then it can be said that Austria did a better job.

With a population of approximately nine million, Austria has recorded only 624 deaths out of less than 16,000 cases of the “Covid-19” virus, and has begun to ease closures since mid-April.

Marsh, who arrived in Salzburg in the summer of 2019 after he was the assistant trainer in Leipzig, Germany, spoke about the Austrian experience during the crisis of the new Corona virus, saying, “If you were here and saw how people followed the rules, how they wore gags, how did they respect the spacing between each other, then this will give you A lot of confidence about the virus containing well. ”

Marsh spent the period of closure and detention in Salzburg accompanied by his wife and two sons, while their 18-year-old daughter stayed in Leipzig to finish high school, but she returned to meet with her family before the border between the two countries was closed.

Since the last game of Salzburg dates back to the eighth of March, Marsh made use of the time available to him to focus on “family, friends and football”.

With the season’s resumption approaching, Salzburg’s first match in the cup final against Austria Lustenau is scheduled for the second division in late May, before returning to the domestic league where the Marsh team will try to catch Lask Lins and make up the difference of the three points between them in order to win the title for the season The seventh is coming.

The American coach stresses that “at the present time, there is a lot of optimism and excitement.”

Halland is a monster.

Salzburg found it difficult to deal with the departure of his star Halland to Borussia Dortmund in January, and the loss of the efforts of Japanese Takumi Minamino in favor of English Liverpool.

The two played a key role in the career of Salzburg in the Champions League and starred in the face of Liverpool and Napoli, without that enough for their team to qualify for the final price.

Halland, 19, scored 28 goals in 22 matches this season with Salzburg before moving to Dortmund, where he continued his brilliance by reaching the net nine times in his first eight matches in the German league.

Marsh talked about the Norwegian star, saying, “He is a monster, he is physically gifted in a way that does not match him. There are few things he cannot do regarding the requirements of the game at the highest level.”

He continued, “You can see in every training session and every difficult match that he has moments that make you surprised, and these moments increase to reach sometimes a performance of 90 minutes.”

And if the loss of Halland and Minamino was a severe blow to the team, the philosophy of presenting young players to the scene remains in the club, which also brought to the world the current Liverpool stars Senegalese Sadio Mane and Guinea Naby Kita.

And even Salzburg has given Marsh himself the opportunity to make a name for him as an American coach on the European continent and “This is an experience for me to see if my way of thinking, in leadership and relationships, could work in the most competitive world of our sport, here in Europe, despite I am aware that Austria is not one of the highest in Europe. ”


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