The absence of the fans will affect the performance of the players


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Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov, the former Manchester United striker, fears that the absence of fans and the usual enthusiastic atmosphere in the stadiums will have a negative impact on the performance of some players when the matches return to spin.

After stopping due to the Corona virus, some leagues around the world will resume their activities in the coming weeks, but the matches will be held behind closed doors and without an audience.

The German Bundesliga wheel will revert to May 16, while the South Korean League matches will return on Friday, while the Faroe Islands League kicks off on Saturday.

“It will not be normal when playing behind closed doors and everyone knows that,” Berbatov told Petfire online betting website.

Berbatov, 39, is the top scorer for Bulgaria’s historic team with 48 goals and has previously played for Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham teams in England, Bayer Leverkusen in Germany and Monaco in France.

“There will be calm in the stadiums and you will be able to hear the players’ speeches on the field and with the coaches,” said Berbatov. Some teams will accept it, while others will suffer as a result.

Berbatov, who has been crowned the Best Player in Bulgaria seven times, added: Sometimes playing without an audience can have a negative impact on your performance. Although you realize that it is an official match, you in one way or another behave as if it is a training match, which may lead to bad matches and bad performance. It is not a good thing.

Berbatov moved to Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspur in 2008 for a record club level at the time of 30 million pounds ($ 37.1 million).

And Berbatov added: Everyone knows that sometimes the fans can have a prominent role in deciding to win some matches.


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