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Apple is offering MacBooks with Intel processors at the moment, but many leaks have confirmed that Apple is on the way to replace the Intel processor with ARM processors in the next generation of MacBooks.

Apple is offering MacBooks with Intel processors at the moment, but many leaks have confirmed that Apple is on the way to replace the Intel processor with ARM processors in the next generation of MacBooks.

Some recently published reports indicated that Apple is cooperating with ARM to launch a dedicated chip for the company’s devices, to support devices with better performance, with a longer battery life, and expectations indicate the possibility of lowering the level of pricing for this category of devices, and in the next lines we review the reasons that may make ARM processors are a good choice for Apple devices.

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  • ARM processors to support better performance on MacBooks

ARM processors are characterized by a combination of strong performance and efficiency with the balance that Apple aims to achieve. The processors have achieved good performance in smartphones and tablets, and the processors are developing guidelines to take advantage of the device’s resources.

Intel provides almost all the company’s versions of processor chips in one size, which are used in both Dell and HP devices, as well as MacBooks, but Intel processors prompted manufacturers of Windows devices and Apple MacBooks to sacrifice some specifications in their devices to allow Intel processors to work as optimum.

On the other hand ARM does not manufacture chips, as the company designs the chips only, so you will not face the manufacturing problems that appear in the Intel chips, also it will be a better opportunity for Apple to get the best design for the processor chips, and to make sure of software and configuration improvements to reach performance The best in hardware, with a level that simulates what ARM processors offer in iPhones and iPads.

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  • ARM processors support lower production cost for MacBooks

There is no doubt that Apple’s use of Intel processors increases the production cost of MacBooks, as Intel processors are characterized by a high level of pricing, as the Intel Core i5 chip comes at a price of $ 300, so it contributes significantly to the total cost of the device.

ARM’s approach to using chips designed by ARM is a good investment for Apple, as the intellectual property rights of the processor design can allow Apple to better control the chip cost per product, but lowering the production cost of MacBooks does not necessarily mean lowering the level of pricing for users, as Expectations indicate that Apple may offer upcoming releases at the same price level as current versions without increasing the pricing level.

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  • New and different build in MacBook with ARM processors

Apple’s transition to using ARM processors in MacBooks requires the company to collaborate with application developers to enhance application performance to match the new generation of devices, so applications will need to upgrade from Intel x86 to ARM processors based on a different language than Intel processors.

It is expected that many of the companies developing the applications will go to update the applications, including Microsoft Office, and Adobe Suite for example, and it is one of the most important applications in computers, but the importance of Apple’s share in the computer market will push application developers to pay this update.

The leaks that have come so far indicated that Apple will provide ARM chips for both MacBook, MacBook Air, and also a 12-inch MacBook that is presented by Apple next year. The leaks also indicate that Apple will use Intel and ARM processors in its devices, where the device comes MacBook Pro with Intel or AMD processors.

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It is noteworthy that the trend of the use of ARM chips will allow Apple to independence to a large extent, and focus on novice users of MacBooks, and expectations indicate that the use of Apple ARM processors will support the company in developing MacBooks with a thinner design.

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