Thanks to Corona … 8 wealthy Americans have increased their fortunes by $ 238 billion


An American study of the country’s rich people revealed that the wealth of eight of them increased by about 238 billion dollars in less than a month due to the Corona virus.

At the top of the list are those billionaire Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post and founder of Amazon, whose fortune has been boosted by online shipments of $ 25 billion in January and $ 12 billion in February.

The large rise in Bezos’s fortune is due to the huge gains made by Amazon, the technology and retail giant, after increasing customer demand due to the closing procedures, and people having to stay at home.

Netflix also benefited from the shutdown and people’s stay in homes, increasing its subscribers by 16 million within one month, and one of its series, TIGER KING, achieved record records with 64 million viewers.

But these figures do not hide the fact that about four million Americans applied for unemployment benefits in a week, and about 22 million lost their jobs due to the Corona epidemic.


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