Tesla defies boycott orders by returning to work at her California factory


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The move comes as states and cities across the United States are experimenting with ways to reopen economic activities safely after a coronary virus outbreak has closed companies and forced tens of millions of Americans to quit work.

Elon Musk threatened over the weekend to leave California to Texas or Nevada because of his factory shutdown, and Tesla noted in an email to an order issued on Thursday by the California state governor allowing manufacturers to continue operations.

In a message entitled “The leave is over and we are back in production,” Tesla said: “We are happy to return to work and have implemented very detailed plans to help you keep you safe while you return.” Mask said in a tweet that production will continue on Monday, adding that he will join To the workers in the assembly line.

Health officials in Alameda County, where the Fremont plant is located, said late Monday that they were aware that Tesla had returned to work beyond the minimum basic operations allowed during the shutdown, and informed the company that it could not operate without an approved plan from Boycott.

The officials said in a statement that they expected an offer from Tesla and hoped that Tesla would comply without the need to take further legal measures against it, and the statement did not specify the consequences, but the boycott order in the district says that violations are punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both.

Separately, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said California must do whatever is necessary to help the electric carmaker reopen the only U.S. auto plant if it wants to keep the company in its jurisdiction.

And raised Tesla, Which also has an automobile factory in Shanghai and is building another factory in Berlin, several days ago filed a lawsuit against the province, claiming that it violated the California state constitution by challenging ruler orders that allowed manufacturers to reopen.

Texas, Georgia, Utah, Oklahoma and Nevada officials have contacted Mask on Twitter and encouraged him to move to their state since he threatened to leave California, and a Texas official said his county was immediately able to absorb Tesla, and invited the billionaire CEO to visit him.


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