Technical modifications give Mercedes A-Class super speed



Al Ain newsletter Agencies
Poseidon made technical changes to the Mercedes A 45 to increase its performance.

The German company explained that the modifications, which were made to the car engine and transmission control unit, increased its power from 421 hp to 525 hp, and the maximum torque increased from 500 to 600 Newton meters.

Thanks to this great strength, the modified car, named A 45 RS 525, accelerates from stability to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds, as well as starting at a maximum speed of 324 km / h instead of 270 km / h.

The car also has a lower level adjustment of 465 hp / 560 Nm, with a top speed of 318 km.

In addition to the technical modifications, the car modification also provides superior brakes, a sporty exhaust assembly and 20-inch light carbon rims.

The German company Mercedes has taken advantage of its distinctive logo to raise awareness of the social separation method as a basic form of protection against the emerging Corona virus.

And the website “Motor One”, which specializes in car news, has transferred a new design published by Mercedes to the distinctive emblem of the star, after I modified it, to fit the idea that the company wants to communicate to the public.

The company removed the star from contact with the department, in a directive that advises its news followers to adhere to the method of spacing as a form of prevention to limit the spread of the virus.


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