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The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following statement: “Through the study and analysis of a large number of robberies that took place by force of arms, especially those that were killed during their execution by innocent people as a result of being shot by the perpetrators, the relevant sectors reached In the Information Division, to identify the gang whose members carried out their operations in a serious criminal manner, and commercial pharmacies within the provinces of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, which led to the killing of one person in Naameh and the injury of another in Doha Aramoun during the year 2019. In addition to the killing of a Syrian worker in Raouche, and the injury of a pharmacy owner In Jounieh, with a live bullet in the chest during the current year.
It became clear to this division that the mastermind of this gang, which shoots victims, is: M. NA (born in 1986, a Palestinian citizen), nicknamed the esteemed, who is one of the precedents, and is required to eliminate crimes: theft, robbery by force of arms, and is considered one of the most wanted. He is permanently armed, and is hidden from view inside the Burj Al-Barajneh camp.
On 20/5/2020, and through an integrated plan, and as a result of accurate monitoring operations that lasted for several months, the Special Force in the division was able to set up a tight ambush in the vicinity of the mentioned camp. And with a lightning operation, I worked to arrest the suspect, with great professionalism, after paralyzing him and preventing him from using his pistol or throwing a grenade they were in possession of, and they were caught with a motorized bike on board, and it turned out to be stolen.

On interrogation, he confessed that he heads a gang of armed robbery and robbery, which has been carrying out its operations within a number of regions in the provinces of Beirut and Mount Lebanon since 2019, and that he has been using stolen motorcycles and rented cars with fake plates on it, and that he used to hide his face and not use cell phones during operations. .

He also confessed that, during his looting, he fired at citizens in Naameh, al-Rawsha, and Jounieh, and that the thefts he carried out targeted two houses and a coffee shop in Naameh – where he shot a worker in the café, and another pillage after being hit by a live bullet – in addition to looting pharmacies in Doha, Aramoun, and Khaldeh , Bouchrieh, Ashrafieh, the museum, the head of the spring, the wing, and Jounieh, during which the pharmacy employee was shot in the chest, as a result of being shot.
In addition to robbing petrol stations in Ashrafieh, UNESCO, Hamra, Sin el-Fil, and Al-Rusha – during which the worker at the station was killed – and two commercial stores on the ancient road of Saida, Sin el-Fil, and the Kiosk (Express) in the locality of Bulvar, Camille Chamoun, and a jewelry store in Khalde. His last operation – which he carried out before his arrest – targeted a pharmacy in Dbayeh on May 19, 2020.
The legal requirement was carried out against him, and the competent authority was seized with the seizures, based on the reference of the judiciary, and work is underway to arrest the other members of the gang.

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