Tayseer Idris criticizes the series of Umm Haroun and director 7 and calls for their boycott


The series “Umm Haroun” of the Kuwaiti actress continuesHayat Al Fahad, And the series “Director 7” by the Saudi actorNasser Al-QasabiProvoking controversy due to accusations about normalization with Israel, hence the Syrian actor of Palestinian originFacilitate IdrisBy criticizing them, he wrote through his own page on a social networking site, saying: “After watching the content of the series of Umm Haroun and director 7, which represents the abuse of the Palestinian people and the polishing of the usurping entity, I call on all freedom and honor in this world to boycott these two actions and hold them accountable, and I call upon the Arab Artists Union to file a lawsuit. Against them and demanding that these two acts be stopped. “
He added that twenty years ago, the Zionist entity was able to stop the “Diaspora” series displaying all stations except for the Lebanese Al-Manar station. Adding that we are in the era of disappointments, stressing that Palestine remains and the Zionist entity to disappear.


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