Taika Whitey enters the world of “Star Wars”


New Zealand cinematographer Taika Whitetti will direct a movie centered around the world of “Star Wars” (Star Wars), and co-write it, as announced by the Disney group. This official confirmation comes after a wave of press speculation that deals with the issue, and after Whitetti released the first season of the series “The Mandalian”, which is going on in the same world and is shown by “Disney Plus”.No date has yet been set for the release of the new movie, but the first of three Star Wars films will come to light in December 2022, according to the Disney calendar.
Note that TAICA WITITI has moved from successful independent films to massive Hollywood productions in recent years, such as “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017, before winning in February the best screenplay for “Jojo Rabbit”.
In a related context, “Disney” revealed that Leslie Headland will perform a new television series inspired by the atmosphere of “Star Wars” after she participated in developing the Russian Doll series for “Netflix”. Media outlets specializing in Hollywood news have stated that this series will be “suspenseful, with a focus on women.”


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