Swissair, Swiss Airways, plans to resume flights next month


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Thursday 14 May 2020 – 7:36 PM
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Thursday 14 May 2020 – 7:36 PM

Swiss airline Swiss Airlines, owned by the German Lufthansa Group, announced on Thursday that it intends to resume its flights partially during next June, after almost all its flights were halted due to measures to combat the pandemic of the Corona virus, which is emerging in the world.

The company said it plans to start operating flights to 41 European destinations. It also plans to operate a number of flights outside Europe, starting next June to cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Chicago.

On the other hand, the Austrian airline, Austrian Airlines, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, did not specify a date to resume its flights.

While the Swiss parliament has agreed to provide the government with 1.5 billion Swiss francs ($ 1.6 billion) in loan guarantees for Swiss and Edel Weiss, the Austrian government is still negotiating with Lufthansa about supporting the Austrian airline in the face of the Corona pandemic consequences.

The Austrian airline said today that its fleet will remain suspended until June 7, and that it will consider the date of resuming operation of some flights at some time this month.

“When the demand comes back and travel restrictions recede, we will decide to fly again,” said Andreas Otto, commercial director of the Austrian company.

Lufthansa announced last week that it intends to double the number of regular flights during next June, to restart about 160 aircraft serving 106 domestic and foreign destinations.


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