Surprise when GTA 5 will be released at Epic Games for free – educate me


05/16 06:45

A surprise for fans of action games is the release date GTA 5 game Free on the Epic Games store, for computers so users can live in action, fighting and action.

Epic Games has scheduled the release of the GTA 5 game in its online store from May 21 stating that the store user must add the game in his personal library.

Recently, Epic Games has introduced a new system to acquire Free games From its online store, the player must activate the free games feature in his personal account settings by inserting the security code before confirming the entry on his account.

With simple steps, fans of action games can download this game for free on their computer, which are:

There are many expectations that the new part of the GTA 5 game will be released soon, because many of its players during the game found evidence that probably indicates when the GTA 6 game will be released during the next year.


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