Surprise … the discovery of an antibody that kills corona in minutes


A group of scientists has discovered an antibody that can kill the new coronavirus, which causes Covid 19, in a few minutes.The researchers said in a report published by the network “NDTV”, they were able to create an antibody called “D1147” designed from the protein “Spike” from which the Corona virus is designed, according to “Sputnik”.

And laboratory tests succeeded in neutralizing the Corona virus very effectively, which is considered a scientific achievement in the treatment of “Covid 19”.

This antibody can fully reverse the course of “Covid 19” infection, if it is injected into humans, as it can provide protection to anyone who is uninfected or treats those who are already infected.

But before its application, the antibody should undergo an expanded number of clinical tests and trials.”This research is based on the work that our groups have done in the past on antibodies that targeted SARS, and in fact we have identified new antibodies that have the potential to change course,” the network quoted Professor Berende Jane Butch, co-author of the study, and researcher at the University of Utrecht. Infection in the infected host, support for virus removal, or protecting an uninfected person exposed to the virus. ”

“The ability of the antibody to neutralize all strains of the virus indicates that it may have the ability to alleviate diseases caused by coronaviruses arising in the future,” said Butch. “The development of these antibodies linked to the Spike protein, can prevent the virus from entering the cells of the body, and this is an interesting development.”

As Benny Ward, a professor of pharmaceutical medicine at King’s College London, said: “There are many animal models of Covid 19 infection, and without obtaining results from any studies in vivo, it cannot be concluded that the product will be effective in humans in vivo. This possibility will improve significantly if an antiviral effect is observed in an animal model. “

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