Sunstroke is a serious condition that may kill human life, its causes and methods of treatment


Scientists expected that the summer It may not come in the year 2020 and that the sun may fall into a long slumber, yet other signs began to indicate the beginning of summer, and one of the things that must be paid attention to during this season is a common condition called “sunstroke.”

Causes of heat stroke

Sunstroke affects a person when exposed to hot sunlight for a relatively long time, while he is in the street or public markets.

Or do physical work in high-temperature sunlight, such as construction workers or engineers.

Those who are exposed to most of their time in the sun in the afternoon, and increased rates of sunstroke in the summer.

In which the temperature continues to rise in most Arab Asian and African countries, foremost among which are the Gulf states that have extreme heat and high humidity.

The risk of sunstroke

Sunstroke is a serious medical condition that affects the human head and leads to difficult health complications.

They may die if they are not treated quickly, and are caused by the failure of the brain’s thermostatic center.

This leads to a high body temperature without ever sweating on his body.

Symptoms of infection

A person develops heat exhaustion when the body temperature rises dramatically, thus losing large amounts of water and salt, which leads to extreme fatigue and weakness.

The person also feels symptoms of imbalance such as confusion, convulsions, delirium, stuttering in speech, nervousness, and coma.

It also leads to changes in the body’s sweating system, overheating and dehydration.

It differs from sunstroke caused by strenuous exercise as it leaves the body hydrated.

In addition to feeling nauseous, where the affected person feels the need to vomit and headache at separate times.

This symptom is one of the most common symptoms, as the face of the person with paleness begins and the body color turns red.

Sometimes it leads to breathing problems, so the breath becomes fast and shallow, the heart rate increases, while the body tries to reduce its temperature.

Heat stroke treatment

Sunstroke treatment aims to lower the body temperature to its normal limits.

This is to avoid damage to high temperatures in the main body organs and the brain. Several steps must be taken to reduce body heat.

Use of evaporative cooling techniques; Where some cold water is placed on the body, and warm air blown on it.

This contributes to the evaporation of water and the cooling of the body, and also wraps the body with a special cooling blanket, in addition to applying ice packs to some parts.

Like the back, armpit, groin, neck and immersion of the person with cold or snowy water, it is one of the fastest ways that can be used.

To reduce the basal body temperature, but all these procedures do not prevent the necessity of asking the doctor immediately to take the necessary medical measures.


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