Sun Tottenham striker ends three-week military training


Sun Heung-min Tottenham Hotspur striker during a match for his Premier League team in a photo from Reuters archive. The image is used for editorial purposes only.

(Reuters) – South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said on Friday that Tottenham Hotspur striker Sun Hyung-min had completed a three-week military training in his country on Friday and that he was the best of 157 trainees during these basic exercises.

All healthy men are required to spend about two years in military service in South Korea, but Sun won a waiver after leading South Korea to win the gold of the 2018 Asian Games. But he still has to work for 544 hours in community service for nearly the next three years.

“He received the Belsong Award, which is one of five types of distinction awards given to the best trainees,” the agency quoted a South Korean Marine Corps officer stationed at a base on South Jeju Island as saying.

“The arrangement was decided in all stages of the exercises in a fair and accurate manner, and the officers supervising the exercises said that he performed the tasks to the fullest,” the officer added.

During the exercises, the trainees are exposed to tear gas, walking long distances and receiving weapons training.

Sun was quarantined for two weeks after arriving in Seoul from London at the end of March.

Sun’s military training in his country came in the shadow of the suspension of the English Premier League soccer due to the continuing crisis of the Corona virus.

Sun has not played in any games since he suffered an arm fracture in a Premier League match against Aston Villa on February 16.

Prepared and edited by Fathi Abdel Aziz for the Arab Bulletin


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