“Sultana” Ghada Abdel Razek has been a victim of treachery for her husbands for years!


More than ten years ago, the Egyptian star Ghada Abdel Razek was able to be one of the stars of the Ramadan drama whose audiences are waiting for her work and anticipation since the series “Zahra and her five wives”, which sparked a lot of controversy, and was said to be the female version of the series “Haji Moly”, after which she presented ” The blanket “and” Samara “until her cooperation with the director Mohamed Sami in 2012 was in the series” with premeditation “, which can be said that in this work she flew high, and moved to a new and different stage with this work, which until today is considered one of the most important works that Presented by Ghada Abdel Razek and dedicated to stardom in Ramadan drama, H. G Everyone praises her cooperation with Mohamed Sami, who presented her in a new and different way from her previous work, to repeat this cooperation after him in the series “The Story of Life”, which also met with success, even if it did not exceed success “with premeditation,” as a dispute occurred between Abdel Razek and Mohamed Sami during filming of the series It led to the interruption of their dealings, and then presented several dramas over the years, ranging from success to failure. The series “The First Lady” did not achieve the expected success, but it succeeded through the “Nightmare” series that it won praise from critics and followers on the strength of its performance and its prowess in acting, despite the ambiguity and boredom that dominated the series, and then presented “Khanka” and “Land of Joe” They achieved little success, and then after that, she presented “Against An Unknown”, who brought back Ghada Abdel Razek some of the glow that she lost, so that the “Haddawat Marra” series, which passed through the honored one, went back and returned this year with the series “Sultana Al Moez”, which he could not make Ghada Abdel Razek’s name is repeated as if she was not present in the Ramadan race.

It appears that the rug is starting to withdraw from under the feet of Abdel-Razek, with the presence of the stars of the young Kadina El-Sherbini whose series “The Game of Forgetting” is heading the trend, in addition to the presence of Yasmine Abdel Aziz in the series “We Love Tani Les,” and Nelly Karim, who knocked on the comedy door for the first time and achieved success.

Even Yasmine Sabry, despite the consensus that she did not succeed and the criticisms that she faces, she was a forerunner of the dramatic scene, as did Reham Hajam. While the shares of Ghada Abdel Razek declined due to stereotypes and repetition of one role, whoever follows her actions notices that she has devoted herself in her dramatic works in recent years with the image of the ideal woman who is under the treachery of her husbands, and she is a victim of her confidence in them and they take away her money and enter the prison, to come out after that and take revenge, and this What exposed her to criticism that she did not learn from her previous experiences, and the series was not talked until after she announced in a surprising way about her marriage for the second time to the director of the filming of the series Haitham Zinta, who was previously associated with it six years ago during the filming of the series “Hekaya Hayat” and then separated from it , To come back and announce It relates to him again.

The news of Ghada Abdel Razek’s marriage saved her and reminded the viewers of the series, and if the talk about her marriage for the 12th time occupied more followers than the series itself.

Ghada Abdel-Razek, whose two competences do not differ over her great abilities to assimilate her roles, does not appear in “Sultana Al-Moez” at her best, and it is not Ghada, who was known to the public, and whose strong performance covered the weakness of the text. She performs a cold and unconvincing performance in Sultana Al Moez, and after this work is completed, she must review her accounts well and accept criticism, change her skin and the patterns of her roles in future works in order not to lose her luster and pull the rug completely from under her feet.

Fuchini as provided by Alice and Nadine Abdel Aziz


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