Suicide infected with corona virus in Al-Sadr Hospital in Abbasiya .. Al-Niya


02:51 PM

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Books – Mahmoud Al-Saeed:

A judicial source said that the second Nasr City Prosecutor had started an investigation into the incident that a Coronavirus patient had thrown himself from his room in Al-Sadr Hospital in Abbasiya.

The source added – on condition of anonymity – that the prosecution conducted a preview of the accident site, and found that the deceased committed suicide from his room on the fourth floor while he was in isolation until his recovery.

The source pointed out that the prosecution looked at the dead body and found out from the apparent examination that he suffered a skull fracture, sporadic fractures and bleeding, and requested the signature of the medical examination without an autopsy, explaining briefly, “those with coronary disease, like the AIDS disease.”
The prosecution ordered that those responsible for monitoring the patient and his health be summoned to hear their statements and to empty the surveillance cameras surrounding the location of the incident.

The Nasr City Police Department was a second, receiving a report from the hospital of a suicide infected with coronavirus, by throwing himself from his room in Al-Sadr Hospital in Abbasiya.
The necessary report shall be released from the incident, and the Public Prosecution shall conduct the investigation.

25 officers investigated it .. How did the police uncover the mystery of the slaughter of a dealer inside his car in Badr?


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