Study reveals no proven evidence of “malaria” as a treatment for corona infection!


A new study on hydroxychloroquine revealed that it did not find any evidence of the benefit of the malaria drug that is widely promoted as a treatment for infection with the Coronavirus.

Early studies indicated that malaria may have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects, and may help patients with the Coruna virus, which led to a wave of research on the importance of the drug.

On Thursday, researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine said that hydroxychloroquine did not reduce the risk of death or the need for a respiratory system, in a comparison that included approximately 1,400 patients treated at Columbia University in New York.

The study was based on observation, rather than the experience of comparing those treated with the drug, with people who received a placebo, but doctors said in an editorial that the results still provide patients and their families with useful information.

They said it was disappointing that, several months after the epidemic, we would not get results from any stringent drug tests. However, the new study indicates that this treatment is not a panacea.

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Stop trying a malaria drug to treat the Corona virus early in Brazil!

Hydroxychloroquine may have serious side effects, including a change in heartbeat in a manner that could lead to sudden death.

The US Food and Drug Administration has warned against its use of Corona virus infection, except for official studies.

Doctors in Colombia tracked 565 patients who did not receive the drug, compared to 811 who received hydroxychloroquine with or without azithromycin antibiotic.

In total, 180 patients required respiratory equipment and 232 died, and the drug does not appear to affect their prospects.

It was found that the condition of patients who were given hydroxychloroquine was generally more severe than others, but widely accepted methods were used to take this into account and no benefit has yet been seen.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health, which launched two of its own experiments to compare hydroxychloroquine with a placebo – the gold standard to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

One study includes Covid 19 patients, and the other aims to see whether the drug can help prevent infection in health care workers exposed to the virus.

Source: Daily Mail


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