Study reveals how often to wash hands daily to reduce the risk of infection with the Coronavirus


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Study reveals how often to wash hands daily to reduce the risk of infection with the Coronavirus

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New research indicates that washing hands between 6 to 10 times a day is associated with a lower risk of infection with the Corona virus, which supports public health guidelines about measures to spread “Covid-19” disease.

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Regular hand washing can reduce personal risk of injury, according to the study, which has not yet been reviewed by experts.

Moderate hand washing was associated with a 36% reduction in the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, compared to those who washed their hands five times or less a day.

“Given that Covid-19 appears to exhibit similar transmission mechanisms for seasonal coronaviruses, these findings support clear public health messages about the preventive effects of handwashing during the course of the study,” said Sarah Bell of the University of London Health Informatics Institute (UCL), the lead author of the study. The epidemic. ”

“It is important to highlight that frequent handwashing is only one aspect of hand hygiene. We also know that the longest handwashing period and the context of handwashing, for example when returning home or before eating, have been linked to a lower risk of influenza or Flu-like diseases. “

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And she continued, “Good hands hygiene should be practiced at all times regardless of whether you show symptoms or not, this will help protect yourself and prevent the virus from inadvertently spreading to others around you.”

The research published in Wellcome Open Research is based on data from three consecutive groups (from 2006 to 2009) from the England-based influenza surveillance study.

“A simple thing like washing our hands regularly can help us keep the infection rate down and reduce transmission,” said Eileen Fragazzi, of the Health Informatics Institute at University College London and the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine.

The authors write: “This is the first empirical evidence that regular hand washing can reduce the personal risks of seasonal coronavirus infection.”

Source: Mirror


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