Star freak causes passengers in “Crazy Taxi”


During episode 21 of Crazy Taxi In his second season, which is shown on Al-Hayat channel, the artist Ibrahim Al Samman personified “Ahmed Hiro” as a lover of artists, and during his career, Hassan Eid is interviewed after his car broke down while on his way to the media production city, so that the driver finds that the one who rides with him is one of the stars of art that He has many roles in cinema and television, so that the driver turns to glorify the artist in every way and rest him to the fullest extent, to the point that he made him single his leg in the driver’s chair, so that the passenger starts to nervous and transgress the star and driver, to reveal to him the truth of the prank.

In the previous episode, the artist Ibrahim Al Samman presented the personality of the driver Santiago El Shahat, the minister of women who lives in Cairo, and came to Alexandria to meet a group of women he met via the Internet, and a call came from one of them informing him that her brother had discovered the relationship and he would meet her in the presence of the passenger with him, so they decided that They marry a customary person and the passenger is the witness, so that the girl’s brother suddenly appears to inform him that she has married the passenger customary and the contract with him, and here the passenger gets mad and begins to deny her and requests to go to the company department and lengthens her brother and the driver, but the staff interferes and reveals the truth of the amount.

The second part of the “Crazy Taxi” program directed by Manar Zain, and it is shown on Al-Hayat channel at exactly ten thirty in the evening every day throughout the nights of Ramadan, and the second part of the program this year comes after the great success achieved by the first part of the program last year.


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