Spain joins Germany: government permission for La Liga to return from June 8


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Madrid (AFP)

Spain joined Germany on Saturday, giving the government the green light to return to the Football League competition from the week beginning June 8, after being suspended for more than two months due to the emerging Corona virus.

Spain has taken a major step towards a no-public return to pending competition since mid-March, becoming the second major European championship to resume the domestic league game, after Germany, which did so from last Saturday.

“In the week of June 8, the resumption of major professional sports competitions, especially the League, will be allowed,” Sanchez said, during a press conference in which he also announced a series of additional measures to ease the restrictions of closures imposed in the past weeks to curb the spread of “Coffed”. -19 “.

Allega clubs resumed earlier this week, group exercises in small groups under strict health procedures, in preparation for the possibility of completing the suspended season since mid-March due to the pandemic “Covid-19”.

The league’s president, Javier Tipas, has previously expressed hope that the competitions will resume without an audience as of June 12.

Commenting on the government decision, Tibas wrote through his Twitter account, “We are very happy with this decision, but it is the result of the wonderful work of clubs, players, coaches … the Supreme Council of Sports, and all concerned.”

He stressed that “it is very necessary to respect the health rules” for the return of Al-Douri, whose date has not yet been officially determined.

Although it is one of the countries hardest hit by the “Covid-19” epidemic, Spain managed to follow the path planned by Germany, as the Bundesliga competitions resumed from May 16.

In contrast, the game clubs in England and Italy are still working on obtaining approval to return to the green rectangle, while the fifth major championships, France, resorted to putting an end to the season early in late April, and crowning Paris Saint Germain with the title.

And stopped the Spanish LaLiga competitions after the twenty-seventh stage out of 38, with the champion of the past two seasons Barcelona led the ranking, just two points behind his historical rivals Real Madrid.

It is up to the football authorities to set the official date for the start of the League matches.

Spain is one of the countries most affected by the “Covid-19” epidemic in terms of deaths. As of Friday evening, it had announced more than 28,000 deaths.

But in recent weeks, the authorities have begun to ease restrictions on closures in stages, with daily deaths and injuries declining. In addition to announcing the League today, Sanchez stressed in his press conference that his country will open the way for tourists to enter from July.

– picking up an “almost impossible” infection –

The League will hope to end the season by late July, which will also allow clubs to avoid the huge financial losses resulting from the loss of television broadcasting revenues. Tebas had previously estimated these losses at around one billion euros.

And suspended the Spanish league matches on March 12, after imposing a quarantine on Real Madrid players, after it was proved that one of the players of the basketball team at the Royal Club, infected with Corona virus.

Clubs began a gradual return to exercises starting from the fourth of May, while keeping them in the individual context in the centers of the teams, before it was allowed to train small groups, provided that the number does not exceed ten people, as of 18 of this month.

The move came despite the association’s announcement that it had recorded five “Covid-19” injuries among first and second division club players.

But Tibas downplayed the impact of these injuries on the course of al-Douri’s return, saying that the measures that will be adopted will prevent the transmission of infection.

He said in previous statements, “In the atmosphere of the match, picking up the infection is almost impossible because we have prepared a study that we will present, and it shows that the risk will be at a minimum during the matches if everyone adheres to the medical protocol.”

According to reports, according to the protocol, a maximum of 197 people will be allowed on the field, and players will undergo “Covid-19” examinations the day before the match, and a temperature test before being allowed to enter the stadium on the day of their establishment.

The German Bundesliga presented a rigorous model for other championships wishing to return, as it imposed a 50-page health protocol that includes various aspects of the lives of players, the technical staff and team members, from exercises to matches to their behavior off the field.

Among the measures that have been adopted are preventing the celebrations of goals in their usual form and imposing social divergence between the players, putting the people on the bench as protective masks, sterilizing the balls repeatedly during the matches, and even the members of the teams not mixing with others in the society on the sidelines of the games.

Tepas said that “if things are done as they should, there should not be infections (with the virus). If five cases emerge in one club, this may be an indication of some neglect.”


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