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Sony revealed its financial results, in which it showed shipments of smartphones, which recorded the largest decline and the lowest amount in 10 years.

According to the documents, Sony’s shipments to the markets during the past quarter were only 400,000 smartphones, a decrease of 64% compared to the same quarter last year. This figure shows the extent of the significant decline in the company’s smartphone sector, if compared to about 12 million phones that were shipped in the last quarter of 2014 alone.

Thus, Sony’s shipments of smart phones for the whole of last year amounted to only 3.2 million phones, a clear decrease from the previous year, when it reached more than double 6.5 million phones.

Four years ago, Xperia phones began to decline sharply, with 39 million phones annually shipped, and now they ship less than 4 million phones.

Sony has not yet officially emerged from the smart phone market, as its Xperia 1 II and Xperia 10 II phones will reach the market next June. The company’s factories in China are still operating at their normal production capacity, but suppliers in the Philippines and Malaysia face multiple delays due to the general closure, which may affect future products.

As for the rest of the company’s sectors, its revenue from the gaming sector decreased by 14% due to the decrease in sales of PlayStation and its games, while the music sector grew by 5%, and by a lesser percentage the film production sector 3%, and the electronic products sector declined by 14%, but the biggest winner was, as usual, the photography and lens sector with growth 22%.

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