Song: I signed up for Barcelona to become a millionaire and didn’t even care about football!


Former Barcelona player Alex Song confirmed that he left Arsenal and moved to the Catalan team to become a millionaire, and was not interested in playing.

“I spent 8 years in Arsenal, but until the last four years I couldn’t say I started living well,” Song said in an Instagram video.

He added: “I wasted a lot of money. I used to go to expensive dinners, trips and vacations. During those eight years, I couldn’t even keep £ 100,000 in my bank account.”

“I thought I was a millionaire, but that was not true. I was earning 15,000 pounds a week,” Song continued.

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And I added, “I signed my first professional contract and I was very excited. I came to the training and saw Henry arrive at his car, and I thought I needed the same car regardless of the cost.”

He continued: “Since I was a footballer, I could only go to the agency, sign some papers and give them the car, so I ended up buying a car like Henry’s car, after two months I understood that my money would run out and I asked for another car instead.”

On his move to Barcelona and the criticism that affected the Catalan team for signing with him, Song confirmed that he did not care about this, explaining: “Barcelona was interested in signing with me and their sports director talked to me and told me that I will not play football a lot there, I told him that I do not care, I knew that now I will become a millionaire for that I fell for them! ”


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