Sherine Abdel Wahab reveals the series that attracted her in Ramadan – Ernews


The Egyptian singer showed, Sherine Abdel WahabHer admiration for three series that she is keen to follow during Ramadan 2020 drama season, namely Choice, End and Fatwa.

She said in a tweet to her via her Twitter account:All appreciation and respect to all the artists who participated in the series the choice For embodying personalities whose spirit has paid the price for our protection, they are the countries of our country’s men who really need to imitate them. ”

She added, “I like it very, very much The end Congratulations to Youssef El-Sharif and all those in charge of the series, but I have a problem, i.e. a new limit. I will meet him. I will have to see his first pause if he meets him with a button, so we will be safe. ”

And the series “Al-Fatwa” joined Sherine’s favorite series. She concluded her tweets via her Twitter account, saying: “I also love the Fatwa series, a beautiful series and Yasser_jalal Mumtaz, decoration and lighting, all of which are special.”

Sherine Abdel Wahab did not miss her voice on her fans during the month of Ramadan, as she put her voice on the song of the Vodafone announcement, which was attended by a large number of art stars in Egypt, alongside the star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, and it is being broadcast on satellite channels throughout the days of Ramadan.


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