She rebelled against the comedian and romantic with an “eyewitness”


Source: Arabic.Net – Mohamed Ahmed

The artist, Hassan Al-Raddad, is competing in the Ramadan marathon for the series “Shahid Ayyan”, which takes place in a context of mystery and crime, in which he presents for the first time the role of a special operations officer.

In his meeting with, Hassan Al-Raddad talked about his choice of the idea of ​​the series and the training that Leibak performed with the character of the officer. He also talked about the difference between the officer who presents him, and Amir Karara in the series “Kalbash”, and revealed his opinion on the competition and behind the scenes depicting his new works.

Series Poster
“Witness” series poster

* How did you choose the idea of ​​an “eyewitness” to compete in Ramadan?

** My goal was to present a type of drama that I did not offer before, such as action and suspense, especially as I presented different types of drama in my previous series, such as social, romantic, comic and melodrama, and I found a completely different “eyewitness” and I liked the idea and scenario, it was wonderfully written in addition to that The character is different and she got very excited about it.

Good repayment
Good repayment

* I refused the officer’s role before, so why was she excited about an eyewitness in particular, and what are the differences?

** The officer’s personality here is different and new, as he is a dramatic character driven by human and exciting events, and the role of Omar appears through the characteristics and practices that he does in his life, and not the goal to expose the officer’s profession in which he works.

And in an “eyewitness”, all events are exciting and interrelated, and you discover many secrets such as crimes and their causes, whether they were done with intent or unintentionally, and every episode that carries a surprise that will lead to a very strange world.

* Is presenting the character of the officer now is the content of success, especially as it has achieved fame for many stars?

** No, of course, there is no rule for success, and there is no such thing as the role of the content of success. Every role needs diligence, study, good implementation, and in an integrated and strong work. The role of the officer will surely succeed if implemented well, but it will fail in the case of underestimating it and presenting it in an incomplete work, writing, writing and acting. Also.

Basma and Hassan Al-Raddad, and here is Shiha
Basma and Hassan Al-Raddad, and here is Shiha

* Do you want to rebel against the romantic and comic template with which you presented your previous work and chose something against this year?

** I will not deny that I presented the romance in its beginnings with the series “Adam and Jamila” and achieved very great success, to the extent that the directors and producers did not stop presenting similar works for me in the same context, and I apologized for it and decided to break the siege of the romance, so I presented a comedian in films such as “Zen State” And “dress to get out” and “the theory of my aunt” and “knot of Khawaja”, and therefore I thought about the work of “Espense Action” to break any framework that some may put me in it.

* Isn’t it a risk that you offer a completely foreign artistic color for you that might expose you to failure if the audience does not accept you in a new way?

** Art longevity loves adventure, and risking sometimes is fun, especially I think in this way I do not walk according to one plan all the time, but I like to present everything, no matter how different, and carries an adventure, and in the end I am an actor, I am not looking for successful, guaranteed and repetitive templates For me until I present it and guarantee the result, and why not try everything, and if I was afraid of adventure, I would not have presented the comedian, especially since some people imagined that my features would only help me in the romance, and in general what people feared to present, I would venture and present it and then you will find people like me.

Good repayment
Good repayment

* Tell us about the scenes of filming the series and the selection of the work team, especially Basma, and here is Shiha?

** Before the start of filming, I had to prepare for the character of the officer, so I shaved my chin and my hair in a manner similar to the officers, and I did some intense sports exercises especially that I in general love sports and persist in them, and we identified different and varied filming places so that filming is distinct, and each episode has different places and events, but As for the heroes, the artist Basma was one of the strongest filters, and we did not work together together before, but here Sheha is my friend for a long time and I was happy to work with her, and it is not the first time that we work together, and Walid Fawaz is my friend and we presented plays in our beginnings together, and I was happy With the presence of the star Mohamed Lotfy, the scenes were c All night and cooperation in the completion of work despite the difficult conditions suffered by everyone because of the pandemic Corona.

* On the occasion of Corona, have scenes or parts of the scenario changed? How did you take precautionary measures?

** We did not change scenes, of course, so the scenario was agreed upon, and certainly everyone was worried at the beginning, but with daily sterilization and precautions, and the presence of medical staff in photography and the implementation of social divergence, the issue passed in peace, praise be to God.

Good repayment
Good repayment

* Why do you prefer the Ramadan show? What do you think of the competition with a large number of stars and series?

** Since the beginning of the project “Witness”, we agree that it is for the month of Ramadan, and I love Ramadan and I am optimistic about it and most of my work has been presented to it, and as for competition I am not afraid of it, and on the contrary work without competition does not arouse enthusiasm, so I consider competition very healthy and motivating for any artist, In the end, good work imposes itself, and competition makes me always eager to present my best to the public.


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