She lost 44 kg … Adele caught the eye on her 32nd birthday


World star Adele grabbed the attention with her remarkable look at her 32nd birthday, which happened on the 5th of May, as she appeared in a slim and slim body after losing more than 44 kg of her weight.

Adele posted a photo of her on her account on “Instagram” wearing a short black dress, commenting: “Thank you for your love my birthday, I hope you all remain safe and sane during these difficult times.”

The British singer thanked the health care workers and everyone who risked his life and was keen to ensure safety.

The newspaper stated “Daily MailThe British said that Adele turned to three personal trainers to help her lose this weight, through a strict diet and exercise.This initiative comes shortly after Adele finishes her divorce procedures from her ex-husband, Simon Konky, who broke up last April, as Adele decided to share Simon Konki in the custody of her only child, Angelo, to cover all of his expenses.

Adele on her birthday.

Adele before and after she lost 30 kilos of weight.

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