She exposed what happened between them .. Halima Boland publishes her conversation with Muhammad Ramadan


Published Kuwaiti media Halima BolinD, a short video clip on her Snapchat account, showing her conversation with Artist Mohamed Ramadan, Which took place between them through the WhatsApp application, to expose what happened between them.

The conversation started sending Halima BolinD, short video clip for Mohamed RamadanThrough WhatsApp, he appeared in an old meeting, praising the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and confirming his love for him.

Muhammad Ramadan replied to Halima Boland, saying: “This is old,” and Ramadan justified his previous statement that he said this because Saddam Hussein is a dramatic rich person who wants to embody it, and that the body of Hitler’s personality; This does not mean that he is a Nazi.

Halima was shocked that he said during this meeting that Saddam was dear to him, and the video ends with this response, and “Poland” did not reveal the rest of the conversation that took place between them and Muhammad Ramadan.

A large number of Kuwaitis launched an attack on Mohammed Ramadan, after an old meeting was republished, in which he appeared expressing his love for Saddam Hussein.


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