Shanghai Disneyland tickets run out 3 minutes after being released after Corona


The World-Varieties

On Monday, 11 May, entry tickets were sold out, the first day the city was opened for visitors again, through May 14, via the online reservation service. Entry tickets were also sold out on the weekend of May 16 and 17, according to Reuters“.

The Fiji and Mituan Ticket Sites also confirmed that they had run out of tickets on the opening day.

The Fleigi website reported that tickets offered for May 11 (the first day to resume the city’s work) and May 16 (corresponding to the start of the weekend on Saturday) ran out within three minutes.

Shanghai Disneyland closed on January 25 as public places across China were closed in compliance with social separation regulations..

In March, Disney reopened some shopping and dining sites on its Shanghai site, but the main theme park remained closed.

Bob Chappick, CEO of Disney Group, said on Tuesday that the Chinese government has asked the company that the proportion of visitors to the park not exceed 30 percent of its capacity, or about 24,000 visitors, when it reopens.


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