Shadi Habash died in prison!


Before the start of the first round of the Egyptian presidential elections in March 2018, the young Egyptian artist residing in Sweden, Rami Essam, released a satirical song entitled “Balha” Via YouTube and social media. At that time, the work divided the opinions regarding the “artistic value” of this work, while the Egyptian authorities were angered by the cruel content of the country’s president. Days after the release of the video clip, its director, Shadi Habash, and the social media expert, Mostafa Gamal, in charge of Issam Facebook, were arrested.After 777 days of being behind bars in Tora prison and the detainees’ inquiries with him inside the cell to rescue him without response, Egyptian human rights bodies have recently announced Habash’s death following a health crisis.
The 24-year-old artist wrote in his last letter he wrote in his prison on October 26, 2019, demanding that he be saved from death in prison, confirming that “the unit is dying … I need your support because of Mamouche,” stressing that the concept of resistance in prison is “You are resisting yourself and preserving it and your humanity from the negative effects of those who see and live every day and simplify it. Or how? And the result is that I am still in prison, and every 45 days I stay at a judge, and the same result will be – a renewal of 45 days – without even what he prays or does for the paper of the case in which they have walked for 6 months ».


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