Set an initial date for the return of the Saudi Professional League


The Saudi Professional League has set a tentative date for the return of football in the Kingdom.The Board of Directors of the Saudi Professional League held an urgent meeting yesterday evening Tuesday, in the presence of the President of the Saudi Football Association, to set an initial date for the return of the competition.

The association’s administration published an official statement, yesterday, Tuesday, via a new tweet on its official account on “Twitter”, through which the association explained that it “discussed the appropriate mechanism regarding the competition” Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League “, and the best solutions available and compatible with the current conditions, which One of the most important is determining the next 20 of August as the first date for the return of the league. “

The association’s statement added that “the proposed scenarios were developed in the event that this was not appropriate, provided that after the approval of the concerned authorities, it follows up on the developments of the Corona virus crisis.”And the Saudi League League indicated that “the possibility of returning to the league, led by local refereeing teams, was discussed, while dispensing with the use of video (mouse) technology.”



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