Security Forces: Arresting impersonator as a security character


The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division announced in a statement that “several looting operations took place recently targeting foreign workers in multiple regions of Beirut, Mount Lebanon and the suburb, by an unidentified person impersonating a security attire and wearing a military uniform, using for this purpose stolen cars Forged paintings, so that he requests their identification documents and steals their wallets, money, and phones, and then escapes to an unknown destination. As a result, as a result of the extensive investigations and investigations carried out by the specialized sectors in the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces, I was able to reveal the identity of the suspect, and he is called:

– M. H. (Born in 1981, Lebanese), who is a criminal record holder for robbery, theft and pickpocketing crimes, among others, and is required by the judiciary according to 3 prosecutions for the crime of car theft.

And she added: “On April 27/2020, after careful monitoring and monitoring, a force of this division managed to arrest him in the suburb locality aboard a Honda Accord black color with visor glass and carrying fake plates, which he used during the implementation of his operations, and searched him Seized in his possession: a military pistol, a stolen phone number 13, military uniforms and foreign currencies, in addition to a number of license plates forged cars and identities belonging to his victims, and it was found that he had a false registration document with his solar graphic. By carrying out the said looting, impersonating a security character, at the rate of one operation per day, and that the operations that he carried out Above the number 100, using for this purpose, stolen cars and put them forged plates, including a car Honda Accord seized so that turned out to be stolen from the Kfarchima area. ”

He concluded: “He also admitted that he was targeting Syrian and Bangladeshi workers in the areas: Ashrafieh, Al-Hamra, Mina Al-Hosn, Ras Beirut, Ain Al-Rumana, Haret Al-Naameh, Jinnah, Jadida, Verdun and Ramleh Al-Baida, in addition to several places in the suburb, and also admitted that he sold more Of the 65 stolen phones in the locality of Sabra, the legal requirement was taken against him, and the competent reference was filed with the seizures based on the judicial reference.

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