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Science and Technology News The Department of Science and Technology published the “Sada Al-Balad” website, the most prominent events of the past hours, including many important news and reports on the latest various technologies, which we review through the following newsletter:
Right to view .. Buy iphone 7 plus 128 GB for only 4300 pounds
Millions of fans of the iPhone smartphone in the world are always looking for the acquisition of one of its versions at the best prices, given the impressive design and performance of the iPhone phones that make it the focus of attention of many, but the significantly higher price of Apple products prevents them from achieving this, but thanks to this Offer You can buy iPhone 7 Plus for almost half its price.
Advantages and disadvantages of the latest iPhone SE
A few weeks ago, Apple launched its new and inexpensive phone, iPhone SE, and the phone is considered a quantum leap in the strategy of Apple, as it is the first time that the company has issued a phone with high-level capabilities at a cheap price, so the iPhone SE version was a big shock for all Android phones, Just as the director of the company stated that it is faster than any Android phone.
A non-recurring offer .. Buy iPhone 7 for only 2300 pounds .. Details
If you are an old lover of the most famous smartphone in the world for iPhone, this offer is for you, as you can purchase your copy of iPhone 7 for less than almost half its price, which allows you to experience a distinctive use with the latest version of the Apple iOS system, at the same time in concept The old iPhone with more capabilities in a small size.
Be careful … Earphones infect you with the virus and take steps to sterilize it
Since the outbreak of the Corona virus worldwide, leaving millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths, dealing with everything in life has become cautious and careful to avoid infection with the virus, which transmits very easily by simply touching anything infected with the virus.
Which is better to buy Redmi Note 9S or Note 9..Learn about the answer
The Chinese company, Xiaomi, the giant of the smart phone industry in the world, succeeded in introducing many distinguished smart phones that were able to win the confidence of millions around the world, which always drives them to put more powerful phones, from which we review my Redmi Note 9S and Note 9, and know the most important differences between them .
To counter the Corona Virus .. Global Health launches COVID-19 application
In light of the continued outbreak of the new Corona virus in most countries of the world, the World Health Organization decided to search for a new way to try to rein in the coronavirus by using the application COVID-19 to track the locations of cases infected with the virus, relying on modern technology to identify infected and those who have contact with them.
Top 5 Chinese phones for less than 7000 pounds in 2020
Smart phone companies are racing to issue their new phones in light of the conditions the world is going through during the outbreak of the Corona virus, and because of the difficulty of listing all the cell phones that were officially announced until now, the Chinese gizchina website monitored the five best Chinese phones under the price of 500 USD, which is what The equivalent of about 7000 Egyptian pounds.
Similar to WhatsApp … Instagram is testing a new feature
The popular Instagram social media platform is testing new photos and features to share and edit photos and videos.

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