Saudi media dagger in the back of Palestine


“The enemy is the one who cannot stand with you and curses you day and night more than the Israelis. We entered wars for Palestine and cut oil to America for the cause of Palestine. When they got power, we paid their salaries and costs even though we were entitled to this money. And when they find any opportunity, the first to attack him is Saudi Arabia … … statements made by the Saudi actor Rashid Al-Shamrani in the series “Exit 7” (Written by Khalaf Al-Harbi – directed by Aws Al-Sharqi – Saudi mbc network), and it was not a coincidence that it was repeated even in different forms in the media The Saudi. Who would believe, that we will one day reach a stage where a violent attack against the Palestinians will be waged and demonized, and accuse them of selling their land as part of preparing the ground for emptying the Palestinian cause from its roots, and entering directly into relations with the Israeli occupation. What is happening today, on the Gulf platforms, goes far beyond passing messages from here or there, justifying normalization, and working to formulate a humanized image of the occupation.

Palestinian cartoonist Mohamed Sabaana in response to the tag “#Palestine_is not my case”

Today, we are facing a systematic Saudi plan in which the drama and its creators, writers, the press, and the electronic world are used to strike the Palestinian cause, and to abolish it even from deliberation and even existence. The tag “# Palestine_not my case”, which has spread in the past few hours, by Saudi electronic flies, is only a clear picture of what Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman wants to contribute to settling the issue and sowing discord between the Saudis and the Palestinians. The dramatic presentation in the aforementioned series, along with “Umm Haroun” (authored by Muhammad and Ali Shams – directed by Muhammad Jamal al-Adil – mbc), seeks to bestow the qualities of kindness and familiarity with the Zionists, in exchange for the demonization of the Palestinian, and to remind him that the Saudi spent his money with a lot of money, and even fought wars Karmi for him! The role of the Saudi press, which is now filled with articles, comes in wholesale articles, in which the phrases of “normalization” are repeated, and for the first time the hostile view of the Palestinian is known. In an article entitled “The Palestinians are a Sea of ​​Hate That Does Not End!” Muhammad al-Sa`id published it in the Saudi newspaper “Okaz” the day before yesterday, the Saudi writer accused the Palestinians of “systematic and intentional falsehood and forgery”, by signing “sales documents for Zionist organizations”, by joining the “Israeli Knesset” and working in the “Israel Defense Forces”, and that they “ Only those who recognized Israel and negotiated with them. ” The article goes beyond these indiscriminate accusations, to inflict its hatred more by claiming that the Palestinians took advantage of their cause using “emotional blackmail”, and their aim was “to make money and take revenge on the amount of oil leaving the desert Bedouin lands, not in the Haifa and Jaffa farms!” Within the same context, an article was published yesterday in the same newspaper, entitled “Normalization … Representation and Reality!” Writer Haila Al-Mushawah.

Articles in Saudi newspapers embody the Palestinian and encourage normalization with Israel

The latter stated in her article that Saudi Arabia supported the Palestinian cause and struck with it the “noblest of positions”, and the multiplicity of billions spent on the Palestinians. Perhaps the most widely discussed article was written by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, which was published two days ago in the “Middle East” under the title “Normalization is not the issue.” In its content, it is an affirmation that Arab governments are unable to expand trade and open markets. Here, in his opinion, “Israel will not be an exception”, and these governments can direct public opinion, as they control the media, education, mosques, unions, and the street, “towards reconciling with or demonizing the new friend!” Thus, and with a quick tour of what the Saudi media pumps with all its platforms, the scenery becomes clearer, with the completion of Bin Salman, his last crazy parties to liquidate the Palestinian cause, the demonization of its people, generalizing the characteristics of employment, and being overwhelmed … in favor of an angelic image of the occupation, drawn by the current Ramadan drama, and trying to Robbery of the historical Palestine.


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