Saudi Education Calendar: A mandatory test for all students with artificial intelligence techniques


Riyadh – Mubasher: The Saudi Education and Training Evaluation Authority announced that it will organize a mandatory pilot test for all students on 6 Shawwal 1441 AH.

The authority said in a statement today, Wednesday, that this test comes as a continuation of what was previously confirmed by the Education and Training Evaluation Authority in its commitment to carry out its tasks and providing its services in providing tests and standards, while following up on precautionary measures to ensure student safety.

The statement added that the authority will provide this opportunity to get a closer look at the nature of the test, its requirements and technical requirements, and ensure complete preparation.

She indicated that monitoring will be in remote tests using technical monitoring tools for the environment of similar tests, in addition to human monitoring and review during and after the test by monitors (men and women).

The Commission relied on standard specifications and technical requirements during the preparation of remote tests, and the male and female students will be able to enter the achievement test system through an independent platform used in many countries of the world.

It is noteworthy that the courses deleted from the second semester of the third year of secondary for this year in the academic achievement test for the academic disciplines in the curriculum are (Biology 3, Ecology, Chemistry 4, Physics 4, Mathematics 6) and in the semester system are (Biology 5, Biology 6 , Chemistry 6, Physics 6, Mathematics 6). With regard to the academic achievement test for female theoretical specializations, the deleted courses are (Jurisprudence of Level 6, towards Level 6, Literature of Level 6, History of Level 6)

The Authority also works continuously to provide all tests and metrics through remote evaluation platforms, whether those required for university admission or for obtaining professional licenses in various fields, considering that the challenges imposed by this pandemic motivate the Authority and its centers to complete the digital transformation system to be a permanent support for them in providing their services , And not just a temporary solution to emergency circumstances.

The Commission is an independent government agency charged with evaluating education and training in the Kingdom, and in light of its competence in preparing and organizing admission tests, and taking recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECDThe Commission followed the approach of a number of educational systems in the countries of the Group of Twenty that are led by the Kingdom in activating sensitive tests remotely in light of the Corona virus pandemic, and providing capabilities to achieve justice and credibility in this type of testing that is performed from home.

The commission concluded its statement that the achievement test aims to achieve justice and equal opportunities among students, and it serves universities and colleges in selection processes to raise the efficiency of education, especially in specific disciplines.


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