Saudi Arabia renews its support for the Palestinian people and supports their choices


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirmed in its speech during the meeting of Arab foreign ministers yesterday, that “the Palestinian issue was and still is the central issue for Arabs and Muslims, and it is also the first issue of the Kingdom since its establishment by the late King Abdulaziz, and comes at the top of its foreign policy, as the kingdom did not hesitate Or it is late to support the brotherly Palestinian people by all ways and means to restore their legitimate rights, and establish an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty over the Palestinian territories with the borders of 1967 and its capital East Jerusalem, and from this standpoint, the Kingdom rejects any measures or any form of occupation For the Palestinian territories recognized by the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy. ”

Saudi Arabia stressed that “based on its interest and concern for the unity, sovereignty and integrity of Arab lands, and based on its position in support of the Palestinian Authority, it reaffirms its support to the Palestinian people and supports its options to achieve its hopes and aspirations, and stresses the seriousness of the plans of the Israeli occupation authorities to impose The authority and annexation of the West Bank or parts thereof under Israeli sovereignty, and also rejects illegal Israeli settlements and settlements established on the land of Palestine occupied since 1967, including the Palestinian Valley and the classified area (C) of the West Bank. Saudi Arabia condemns “all violations against the brotherly Palestinian people and its internationally recognized lands, and calls on the international community to assume its responsibilities to stop the continuous Israeli violations in which the (Corona) pandemic deepens the suffering of the Palestinian people, and its effects on the stability and security of the region are reflected.”

The Kingdom reaffirmed its “support for all peace efforts based on justice, and that negotiation is the only way to achieve a just and comprehensive solution that guarantees the options of the Palestinian people and fulfills their hopes of establishing an independent state on the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital.”




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