Saudi Arabia isolates paper and metal currencies for about 3 weeks before being traded because of Corona


Saudi Arabia isolates paper and ma ...

Source: Riyadh – Toss News

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency has resorted to isolating the paper and metal coins imported to it from the regions of the Kingdom and abroad for a period of up to about 3 weeks to ensure that it is free from the Corona virus, which lives longer on surfaces, especially mineral ones.

Sama revealed that it has taken a series of preventive and precautionary measures to confront Corona and prevent its spread, including isolating the currencies it receives for a period of 14-20 days.

The Foundation clarified, through its official account on “Twitter”, that it places the incoming currencies in isolated and closed cages, to sterilize them and ensure their safety, and sort all currencies automatically to ensure that their output matches.

“SAMA” indicated that it directs the banks operating in the country as well, to take the necessary preventive and precautionary measures in their dealings with paper and metal currencies.

The country increased its dependence on electronic payment in a noticeable way since last March after recording a few cases of corona, fearing that the circulation of paper and metal currencies among the population would contribute to the spread of infection with the disease.

Health agencies in the countries of the world say that money of various kinds is an ideal means for the transmission of the virus, the period of which it remains active on the surfaces varies according to its type, while the mineral surfaces are the longest in terms of the period that the virus remains capable of infection.

So far, Saudi Arabia has recorded about 63,000 cases of coronavirus, of whom nearly 34,000 have recovered and 339 died.


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