Saudi Arabia climbs to the 10th rank globally in internet speed


Saudi Arabia jumped to the tenth position globally in internet speed, as it managed during the month of April to increase the average mobile Internet speed to 55.71MB per second, according to a report published by the Speed ​​Speed ​​global website specializing in measuring mobile internet speeds.
The Internet services in the Kingdom witnessed a growing demand from users during the last period after applying many precautions to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus, as the Saudi Communications Authority revealed earlier that the rate of data consumption per person in the Kingdom before the crisis of “Corona” amounted to 600 MB of Data per day is twice the global average, while this rate has grown to 920 MB per day after the introduction of precautionary measures, which is more than three times the global average
The Communications and Information Technology Commission has provided operators with the use of additional frequencies in the two bands (700, 800) MHz with a bandwidth of (40) MHz, to represent these 50% increase in the frequencies used in those bands by service providers in the Kingdom; In an effort to meet the increasing demand for Internet services, and to enhance the performance of networks, which contributes to enabling individuals and the business sector to perform their businesses and activities with ease and ease.
It is noteworthy that the Kingdom was ranked 105 in the same classification in 2017 before achieving this qualitative leap that exceeds 500% in improving the speed of access to the Internet through mobile networks, after redistributing the spectrum and raising the allocations for communications and information technology services from it in line with With plans for digital transformation in the Kingdom.


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