Sanofi: Covid-19 vaccine will be available worldwide all at once


Sanofi company logo on its Paris headquarters, on April 24, 2020. Photo: Charles Plateau – Reuters.

PARIS (Reuters) – The company will ensure that any vaccine against Covid-19 disease, once approved, reaches all parts of the world simultaneously, the head of the French drugmaker Sanofi said on Thursday.

“No country will be given a down payment,” Serge Weinberg told France 2 television.

“We are organized and have several manufacturing units. Some are in the United States, but many are in Europe and France. ”

Sanofi operates 73 industrial sites in 32 countries. There is no approved vaccine yet for the disease caused by the emerging coronavirus.

The group’s chief executive, Paul Hudson, said on Thursday it was necessary for the Coronavirus vaccine to reach all parts of the world after he irritated the French government earlier by saying the United States would have a priority in obtaining the vaccine.

“Our CEO’s statements have been distorted,” Weinberg said.

Prepared by Lilian Wagdy for the Arabic Bulletin – Edited by Mohamed Al Yamani


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