Samsung announces the Galaxy A Quantum phone with


Beijing – Morocco today

The company announced Samsung Today, Thursday, in partnership with the Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom Its latest smartphone, the Galaxy A Quantum, has a special chip for improved security. The built-in chip generates random quantity numbers to increase device encryption. SK Telecom said: The chip helps smartphone users use specific services safely by creating pure, unpredictable, random numbers that do not have a specific pattern. The quantum chip contains a CMOS image sensor to detect photons, and this is the basis for generating the random numbers used for encryption keys.

Samsung and SK Telecom say: The Galaxy A Quantum chip can also be used to store personal documents safely, such as: insurance documents, graduation certificates, etc., and to prevent counterfeiting and general forgery.

SK Telecom says: The chip will be used in conjunction with biometric-powered mobile payments in offline stores. As she says, she plans to share open APIs. Which opens the door for more applications that support the quantum chip.

Regarding the specifications, the phone offers specifications similar to the Galaxy A71 5G, such as: Exynos 980 processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage, and 4,500 mAh battery / the clock.

The phone offers a screen type of AMOLED measuring 6.7 inches and accurately + FHD, with a hole for the front camera that comes with a 32-megapixel camera, and on the back of the phone, there are 4 cameras, the main accuracy of which is 64 megapixels, the second accurately 12 megapixels, the third with a resolution of 5 megapixels, and the fourth accurately 5 megapixels.

It is noteworthy that the phone (Galaxy A Quantum) is available for order in South Korea from May 15 to May 21, and that the sale will officially begin from May 22, and the phone will be available at a price equivalent to US $ 529. There is no information on a plan to put it on the world market.

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