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Russian scientist: Corona surprises us


                    Валерий Мельников

A Russian medical scientist has revealed the unexpected surprises of Covid 19, and the characteristics that can be distinguished in coronavirus infection, and the seriousness difference between one infected person and another for unknown reasons.

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“Scientists and doctors are decoding this virus directly and we are just beginning to understand it and feel it,” member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Armis Kamalov told RT.

He added that “it is still not clear at times why a patient recovers quickly after two or three days with a high temperature, and another gets worse after a week has passed.”

And he considered that “the course of the disease and its seriousness depend on the presence of chronic diseases and the condition of the immune system of the affected person.”

He continued, “There are people who suffer from all possible viral infections every season. And there have been those who have resisted them for many years. A strong immune system is a kind of a person’s internal passport.”

He pointed out that “Diabetics, cardiovascular patients and chronic disease patients in the bronchus and lungs are at greater risk than others.”

However, he pointed out, it is difficult to guess how a coronavirus will behave in a person’s body.

He said: “For many, the disease is somewhat easy. And you think: Why are so many fears linked to this disease? Because for others, it begins to progress and swoop very quickly and affects lung tissue.”

“This raises a lot of questions for doctors and scientists. Therefore, doctors must choose the appropriate personal treatment for each individual patient.”

He concluded by saying, “We have moved away from those stereotypes that we used in the beginning” to treat this disease because it surprised us with transformations that we did not know with other viruses, with symptoms that differ from one person to another, and the extent of the risk of varying levels in those with it.

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