Rogina and Ashraf Zaki’s engagement video again, 28 years later


About 28 years later, the actress’s engagement video has returned Rogina AndAshraf Zaki To trade widely on social media.
The engagement ceremony took place in the presence of a number of art stars, including “Mohamed Heneidy, Medhat Saleh, Talaat Zakaria, Samir Ghanem, Mohamed Mounir, Waheed Saif, Kamel Abu Raya and others.
The audience interacted with the video extensively, although most of the comments focused on the clothes and fashion that were followed in the nineties, where the engagement dress of Rogina received wide reactions in addition to her hairdressing, but Ahmed El-Sakka also won the largest number of comments because of his dance on the table .

The story of this video dates back a quarter of a century, when Rogina announced her engagement to Ashraf Zaki, to marry her at a young age, when she was her teacher at the institute.
It is noteworthy that Rogina shares the artist Muhammad Ramadan with the series “Al-Prince” in Ramadan 2020, which has a wide resonance since the presentation of his first episode, in addition to her participation with the Syrian actor Moatasem Al-Nahar, the series “Ahla Al-Ayyam”.

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