Rodger Waters and Friends: The Palestine Case


Last Friday, coinciding with the seventy-second anniversary of the Nakba, a large number of the stars supporting the Palestinian cause and activists in the field of boycotting Israel resorted to the virtual world to revive this occasion.In the shadow of the Corona pandemic, a coalition of organizations and movements, including the “Boycott and Divestment and Sanctions in Israel” movement (BDS), the Jewish Voice for Peace and the “Solidarity Campaign with Palestine” (PSC) in Britain, organized a virtual celebration, which included Words and artistic posts.
Among the participants was the British film director Ken Loach and Rodger Waters, star of the legendary British rock band “Pink Floyd”. From his home, Waters said that despite Israeli efforts to erase the Palestinian identity, the Palestinian cause continues to grow. He added, “I am convinced that we are making great progress … The Palestinian issue is more prominent and popular and cannot be ignored every day. This is not over yet – because the support of international law and the notion that human beings have rights strongly place us on the right side of history. ”
The 76-year-old did not end his interference without a class during which he performed a special song for the occasion, entitled We Shall Overcome.


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