Richie takes advantage of quarantine and returns with two solo songs


Elaf from Beirut: Lebanese-Australian artist Richie took advantage of the quarantine period to prepare a surprise for his fans by issuing two single songs called “The Other Side” and “8 Months”, which they produced at his home in Melbourne.

Unlike contemporary electro-pop music from its previous releases such as I am Lebanese in 2009, Richii creates new music that represents the energy of the present 2020 stage that we most need!

Out of lamentations in his album “Lost in a EP” released last year, “The Other Side” is a dance mix that brings an atmosphere of celebration to the rooms of the listeners to get some relief in this difficult time.

Richie explains on his social media about the meaning of this song, saying, “In this bleak situation, it is important that we try to be positive and look at this stage as an opportunity to get to know ourselves, appreciate our blessings and love each other. This is the basis of this song’s message.”

The second song, “8 Months,” is inspired by the time of the eighties, and it is considered as a new wave that attracts the heart strings. Richii describes this song as fashionable as 1983’s “Time After Time” song by Cindy Looper.
In 2020, in “8 Months”, Richie yearns for human contact. “I will be grateful, I am yours forever.”

These new songs feature a review of the New Age and the effects of disco from the 1980s, a trend that has been popular by artists like The Weeknd and Dua Lipa.

Richii’s “The Other Side” and “8 Months” are available on all major streaming platforms including: Anghami, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and Youtube.


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