“Reduces virus receptors in the body.” Marijuana may be the expected corona treatment


A team of Canadian scientists are testing whether marijuana compounds can prevent coronavirus infection.

Scientists from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta follow about 400 strains of hashish, while 12 strains have shown the ability to prevent the virus from “capturing” human cells.

The research team says that cannabidiol extract (CBD), the main ingredient of marizana, has helped reduce the number of coronavirus receptor cells, especially Covid-19 by more than 70 percent.

However, the team says people should not be rushed to consume cannabis products and that clinical trials are required to confirm the results.

The team devised three-dimensional human models of the tissues of the mouth, gastrointestinal tract and intestine with a sample of high CBD extracts from “sativa” hemp plants, and it was found that the main ingredient in marijuana has the ability to close cells in front of the CFPID-19 coronary proteins.

Next, the researchers tested the effect of marijuana extracts on the angiotensin-converting enzyme, one of the required receptors for entry into the human cells virus, and the results showed that the extracts helped reduce the number of receptors that are the “gateway” to “coronary” host cells in our bodies.

The team’s lead researcher, Igor Kovalchuk, said that a number of marijuana compounds “have actually reduced the number of virus receptors by 73 percent”.

Then he continued, “If we can reduce the number of receptors, there is a great opportunity to reduce the number of injuries.”

The study team also studied other receptors called TMPRSS2, which allow the virus to invade cells more easily and multiply rapidly, says the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

CTV News quoted Igor Kovalchuk as saying, “Imagine a dungeon is a large building, the cannabinoids compound reducing the number of doors in the building by 70 percent, for example, and this means that the entry level will be restricted. So, you have more chance to fight it.”

Before this study, American scientists searched for the relationship between tobacco and the emergence of the emerging coronavirus, as many observed that among the first infected with the coronavirus, there was a very small minority of smokers, which made them link non-nicotine use, which is the main component of cigarettes and tobacco in general.

“There is a specific characteristic of tobacco. We have noticed that the overwhelming majority of patients in severe cases are not smokers, as if tobacco were protecting against this virus through nicotine,” an American doctor told AFP.

For his part, Thibaut Soumain, a doctor in resuscitation at the University Hospital in Besancon, eastern France, confirmed that among the injured being treated in the resuscitation department there were “non-smokers, or few smokers”.

But specialists in the treatment of addiction to smoking, underestimate this theory, given that a smoker who has severe symptoms is more at risk due to poor lung and cardiovascular health.


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