Record sales of video games in America – the economic – the world today


Figures released by the American market research institute NDP Group showed that the first quarter of this year was very special for video game developers in the United States, where the value of sales of these games amounted to about 10.86 billion dollars during three months, an increase of 9 % For the same period last year, when sales were $ 9.58 billion.

TechCrunch, a technology specialist, points out that restrictions on movement and socio-economic activities to contain the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19) were the main reason behind the increase in sales, as the demand for video and computer games increased due to people staying at home.

“Video games bring comfort and communication to millions of people in these difficult times,” said Matt Pescatella of the NDP Group.

With people having to stay home for long times, they took advantage of video games not only as a way to escape from boredom but also as a way to communicate with family and friends. Sales and gaming increased during the first quarter, be it via gaming devices, mobile phones, PCs, or even virtual reality technology.



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