Real Madrid to Barcelona: “Where did you get this from?”


Legitimate question .. How will Barcelona conclude all these deals?

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May 31, 2020

Marca newspaper, which is close to Real Madrid, asked about the source of Barcelona’s ability to enter strongly in the next summer transfer market through great rumors circulating about the settlement of Laotaro Martinez and Neymar’s new rebellion against the management of Saint-Germain, in addition to the strange negotiations that exist with Juventus to bring in Miralem Bennitech.

Surprisingly, the movement of news of transfers is not about the Catalan club but rather its timing, as most if not all clubs in the world suffer from great financial distress, which, in the opinion of most sports observers, will change the features of the transfer market and the prices of players, and the next market is likely to be the first of its kind in San Diego’s Bernabeu without sales cases.

The Marka stated that Real Madrid has suspended all negotiations with players ’agents and that no player will be brought in for the next season and will continue to sell players to improve his economic situation after the forced interruption that he was forced to do due to the Corona pandemic.

A new failure for Barcelona, ​​entitled “Alfonso Davis”

But what the newspaper was surprised by is that Barcelona in particular suffers more economically than any European club from the elite, as salaries in the Catalan club constitute 80% of its budget in addition to the repeated request of the Spanish government to support the club, so how can Bartomio’s administration continue to negotiate with the players, especially those who Are they considered the first class in Europe?

It is noteworthy that Barcelona resorted to reducing the wages of its players by 75% in order to continue to pay the wages of the other members of the club and its employees.

Scary statement from Messi about the future of football

The Madrid newspaper also surprised how Barcelona did not have any administrative or financial problem until now, also wary of the situation of Juventus, who, like Barcelona, ​​continues to ask players from the Catalan club in order to dispense with Pianic: Nelson Simedo, Artur Melo, Osman Dembele, Ivan Rakitic Arturo Vidal.

The newspaper stated at the end of its article: “Juventus … we understand why you have not applied yet to Lionel Messi as well.”


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