Real Madrid news: Real Madrid puts his hand on Mbabe’s magical plan to leave Paris


Killian Mbappe

Sport 360 – Club mode Real Madrid His hand is on the magical plan of French striker Killian Mbappe, a team player Paris Saint-Germain, French To leave the Parisian team in the coming period.

Mbappe is on the agenda of Real’s search for a contract with him in the coming period, as well as Liverpool’s desire to obtain his signature in the coming season, which is what the player understands and recently commented on.

Mbappe is trying to pressure Real Madrid to leave for Bernabeu

Mbappe is happy with Liverpool’s interest and feels flattered because of this but network Defensa Central, Spain It reported that Real Madrid is aware of what Mbappe’s recent behavior, especially with talking about the possibility of renewing his contract with the Parisian club.

Defensa explained that Real Madrid knows that the idea of ​​Mbabi praising Liverpool and talking about the possibility of renewing his contract with Paris is only a way to pressure the Spanish club.

And the network stressed that Mbappe wants Real Madrid to move quickly to sign him, and he really wants to go to the royal club colors next summer.

Although Mbappe is pleased with Liverpool’s interest, the idea that dominates his head is to play for Real Madrid only, so he tries to make Real feel the risk of losing his services to another team.

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